About the Readings

The tradition of reading the Carol aloud for charity originated 162 years ago with Dickens himself, who loved theatricals as much as he loved writing. He donated the proceeds of his first public reading in 1853 to a local library. The reading was a sensation and launched a second career for Dickens as a public performer.

The spirit of the readings was recaptured in Canada by CBC’s Judy Maddren in the 1990’s when she held a Carol featuring fellow radio personalities. The event grew exponentially in popularity and more than a hundred Carol’s now take place across the country each year, raising tens of thousands of dollars for various charities.

In our Carol reading, five guest readers will read the five annotated chapters, or “staves” of the Carol to the audience. A musical performance follows each stave. This year’s featured performers include the Alleluia Ringers Bell Choir, Trinity Vocal Chorus and other local musicians.


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